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Sexual Offences

Qualified Sexual Offence Lawyer in Abbotsford

Sexual offences are some of the most damning accusations and carry serious and often irreparable consequences in your daily life. If you have been accused or charged with a sexual offence in Abbotsford, turn to Richard D. Ballantyne for legal counsel. An experienced sexual offence lawyer, Mr. Ballantyne specializes in sexual felony cases. With over 3 decades of practice in several areas of criminal law, he can help you navigate the nuances of your case. 

If you face any sexual offence charges, schedule a no-charge initial consultation so you can go over the details of your case with Mr. Ballantyne and formulate the best way forward. You can call 24 hours a day and schedule evening or weekend appointments.

Types of Sexual Offences in Canada

There are several types of sexual offences recognized by the criminal code, and some carry mandatory minimum jail terms if a conviction is made. Each of these offences is clearly defined by the law and requires a unique approach to defence. Here are the types of sexual offences that the Criminal Code of Canada recognizes:

Sexual assault
Sexual interference
Invitation to sexual touching
Sexual exploitation
Child luring
Child pornography
Indecent acts and exposure

If you face allegations or are charged with any of the above offences, get in touch for a more detailed explanation of the definition and consequences of each offence.

Facing Sexual Offence Allegations?

Get legal support from an experienced attorney who will guide you through your case.

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