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Sexual Assault

Sexual Assault Lawyer for Legal Defence in Abbotsford

Sexual assault is a very serious crime, and even an accusation can damage your reputation for years. If you face charges related to sexual assault, then get legal advice and guidance from Richard D. Ballantyne. He has been practising criminal law in Abbotsford for over 3 decades and can offer his services for your case. 

It is recommended that you get legal representation before speaking to any authorities once you are charged. Proper legal counsel will enable you to understand your rights, assess your choices and make informed decisions so that you do not hamper your case. Reach out today if you require legal services for a sexual assault case.

Sexual Assault Law

Charges of sexual assault can arise from circumstances when any unwanted sexual activity violates the accuser’s sexual integrity. The court can consider an assault to be sexual according to:

Parts of the body that were touched
The situation, and circumstances involved
The type and extent of contact
Gestures and words during the activity or contact
Issues of consent or lack of consent

The types of charges include:

Sexual assault
Sexual interference
Sexual assault with a weapon
Aggravated sexual assault

Consent Between Legal Adults

In adults, sexual assault can involve consent as the central issue. Consent can be expressed through words or actions. Silence and passivity are not considered as giving consent. Mr. Ballantyne can explain the nuances of the role of consent in a sexual assault case during a consultation.

Sexual Interference as Sexual Assault on a Minor

Being accused of sexual assault against someone under the age of 16 classifies as sexual interference. It is a serious offence with a mandatory minimum jail term upon conviction. Hire a qualified lawyer to navigate your case and protect your interests. 

Charged with Sexual Assault?

Seek legal advice from a professional who has experience in criminal law.

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