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Drug Offence Attorney in Abbotsford

Have you been charged with possession of drugs such as marijuana, hashish, cocaine or other illegal drugs? Richard D. Ballantyne is a certified drug offence attorney in Abbotsford who provides reliable legal services.

Drug offence charges and the cases that result are complicated matters, and there are variety of factors that impact the severity of the drug charge, such as the type of substance and the quantity. If you are facing a drug charge, you need knowledgeable guidance immediately, and Richard Ballantyne has more than 3 decades of experience in criminal law. He will sit down with you, learn more about your case, and help you determine what the best strategy is for minimizing the impact of this charge on your life and livelihood. 

Possession of illegal drugs, the sale of drugs and even consumption of banned drugs amount to serious drug offences in Canada. These charges carry strict penalties including jail if the offender is proven guilty. If you are looking for a professional drug offence attorney in Abbotsford, reach out to Richard D. Ballantyne today. 

There are three kinds of drug possessions that can be counted as an offence. They are:

  • Personal possession
  • Constructive possession
  • Joint Possession

Know that if you are convicted with drug charges, it amounts to a criminal offence. Having a criminal record makes it difficult to get employment opportunities or can restrict your ability to travel to other countries. 

Every case is different from the next. Even if you are charged with manufacturing or growing of controlled substances, or trafficking drugs, there could be serious consequences. Trust our experienced drug offence attorney in Abbotsford and get proper legal aid when faced with criminal charges.

Don’t wait—call Richard Ballantyne in Abbotsford today. Schedule a free consultation and learn more about our flat rate fees.

If you are looking for legal help to fight for charges against dangerous driving, employee fraud, or even theft, rely on Richard D. Ballantyne and his wide range of practice areas.

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