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Drug Offence

Certified Drug Offence Attorney in Abbotsford

Drug offence charges are serious, and the cases that follow are often complicated. You need a certified drug offence attorney who has the hands-on experience to guide you through the process. Richard D. Ballantyne has over 3 decades of experience in practising criminal law in Abbotsford and can help you with your drug offence case. 

Possession and sale of illegal drugs is a serious offence in Canada and charges carry strict penalties. The matters tend to be complicated and the severity of your charge may depend on several factors. Some of these include the type of substance and the quantity that has been recovered. If you face a drug charge, you need knowledgeable legal guidance immediately. Contact Mr. Ballantyne for professional legal assistance with your drug offence case today.

Types of Drug Offences

There are 3 kinds of drug possessions that can amount to an offence. They include: 

Personal possession
Constructive possession
Joint possession

Being convicted of drug charges can lead to a criminal record, making it harder to get employment opportunities and restricting your travel to other countries. Every case is different and requires a keen understanding of the drug laws to navigate. Trust Mr. Ballantyne to provide accurate legal guidance in matters related to drug possession, trafficking and growing illegal substances. 

Facing Drug Charges?

Get legal representation from a certified professional.

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