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Were You Involved in a Criminal Offence?

Call Richard if you've been charged with assault, sex offences, theft, fraud, impaired driving or drug offences.

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Experienced Criminal Defence Lawyer in Abbotsford

Richard D. Ballantyne is a criminal defence lawyer based in Abbotsford who deals with all types of criminal offences. With decades of experience providing legal services to clients, Mr. Ballantyne can offer sound advice on criminal offence matters that can help you with your case. It helps to have someone who has a clear and thorough understanding of the law represent your interests. Mr. Ballantyne ensures that the legal jeopardy is kept at a minimum while handling all aspects of your case from start to finish.

Being involved in legal proceedings can be costly, which is why Mr. Ballantyne offers benefits such as a free initial consultation and billing on a fixed fee basis to his clients. Calls can be made 24 hours a day for assistance. Weekend and evening appointments are available depending on your convenience. Reach out for legal services today.

Richard D Ballantyne

Legal Services

Richard D. Ballantyne offers legal services for a variety of criminal offences including:

Spousal Assault K-Files
Legal services for assaults cover areas such as spousal assault.
Sexual Assault/Interference
The areas covered include sexual assault and interference.
Pornography Charges
Legal advice for matters related to pornography charges.
Assault Causing Bodily Harm and or/w a Weapon
Legal services for assaults cover areas such as bodily harm.
Fraud-Employee theft/Embezzlement
Get legal advice for theft and fraud cases, including employee fraud.
Drug Offences
Matters related to grow-ops and drug seizures are covered within these services.
Legal services for assaults cover areas such as homicide.

Call today for a free initial consultation with Mr. Ballantyne and discuss your legal concerns.

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Legal Services for Drug Offences

Get the guidance and representation you need for your drug offence case.

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Fighting a Sexual Assault Case?

Seek legal advice and guidance from an experienced professional.

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Dealing with Employee Fraud?

Get professional legal guidance for your theft or employee fraud case.

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